95% of all IDEA students attend on an external or internal scholarship.


In order to guarantee 100% accessibility to all families, We partner with School Tuition organizations, AZ Dept of Education ESA accounts, and donors to make this work!


No matter what your household's current financial situation is, an IDEA education is possible!


DOn't let funding get in your way of applying.   

If you are applying for financial aid with us, we ask that you apply to ALF & IBE. Alternately, if your child has a current IEPyou may qualify for ESA funds.


If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to call or email BAhne ~ #520-589-4933



Arizona Leadership Foundation 

Application Window April 15th - June 15th - 


Institute for Better Education 

Low-income scholarships, tax credit giving, and raising funds to lower your out-of-pocket tuition can all happen through IBE! All families are encouraged to apply regardless of income status! 


ESA ~ AZ Dept. of Education

If your child has an existing IEP, a diagnosis that requires specialized instruction, or needs additional services, you may qualify for funding through an empowerment scholarship. More info here!  


David Higuera Legacy Scholarship

Named after Co-founder of IDEA School, David Higuera, this scholarship fund helps us ensure that we remain accessible to all families, regardless of income. 

Once you have applied to one or more of these scholarships, you are invited to apply to IDEA financial aid!