The IDEA School strongly values being an inclusive community accessible to all families. We will never turn away a family for lack of funds. Please contact us at any time if you need additional assistance with tuition, program fees, or financial aid! 

Materials and Field trip Fees: $200/year 

   *paid in monthly installments & billed with Tuition

Registration fee: $50 

Re-enrollment fee: $25 

    *Paid at time of Registration 

Flex Tuition: OUR Posted Tuition is $10,740/year 

    *our commitment to 100% accessibility means that we never turn a family away for lack of funding! In addition to scholarships, we have a multi-tiered financial aid system to meet you where you are. See flex tuition chart below. 

Special Circumstances: Any family may “move up” 1-4 tiers in Flexible Tuition due to special financial circumstances, depending on the type and severity of the circumstances.

Special Financial Circumstances may include, but are not limited to: high medical costs due to expensive chronic healthcare needs and/or unexpected medical expenses or emergencies; childcare (0-4), eldercare, or other ongoing family care obligations; caring for a loved one with a disability; large student loan debt (as compared to income); costs associated with being a grandparent raising your grandchild; recent loss of job or hours due to COVID-19 (Note: job loss may move your family up more than 4 tiers — we would look at your current financial situation first); recent loss of business due to COVID-19.

Tuition payments are made over 1o monthly payments, beginning in August, so your tuition will range from $32/mo to $1,074/mo, depending on your financial situation.